We Engineer all things social 

The  VY AGency is a global lifestyle network that specializes in events and Public relations.

We operate across 5 continents with members in 60+ cities, and featured across multiple locations. We strengthen relationships between brands and people who matter the most to them. We strengthen these relationships through meetings, experiences and accurate communication. At home or oversees our passion for touching and, engaging and creating memories for life goes clear red thread through all the arrangements. We pride ourselves in our successful partnerships with major charities, publications, media groups, and brands the world over.

1. We engineer and execute unique arts, charity, social events, activations, exhibitions, boutique festivals, and more.
2. We maintains an international community of tens of thousands, through 20 plus ambassadors.
3. We acts as a prominent and diverse voice in lifestyle, leisure, and entertainment.


Josefin Norberg 

"Its not the place, its the people” and with me you get both. I am one of the founders of the Good life network a lifestyle agency that operate around the world. My name is Josefin Norberg, swedish or at least that is what is says on the passport. Born and raised in Stockholm Sweden I always had a fascination with creating feelings and bringing people together to have memorable times. My start began when I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago to study marketing and advertising but came home with a minor in nightlife. After California I had decided that this chapter in my life had not ended so I moved to Barcelona and became part of the scene. I became involved with the most fun people and places such as Cöcö at Puro beach (Hilton diagonal mar), Caldo de Gallina at Bestial beach club, Clandestino, Cafe Del Mar, Nuba, CDLC, Shoko my can’t forget my part time residency at Ibiza. My love to enhance the fun and connect people has played a crucial role in my success with in this industry.    

Bryant Goldstein

“Always felt like my vision has been bigger than the bigger picture.”Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California. Bryant is one of the founders of The VY Agency. After attending the University of Southern California Bryant started traveling the world. While on his trip he stopped by at an island Hvar, Croatia.In Hvar he began getting involved working with events and personal discovering his passion for creating next level atmosphere experiences. You can describe him as a conductor of a symphony. Around Bryant you hear and experience the 7th symphony. Like the City of Los Angeles he now entertains the world. He travels the world and works with brands and influencers so you can catch him in New York one day and Sydney the next creating emotions and experiences.